The objective of this project was to create a love potion that didn't use the stereotypical heart-shaped visions of it. When I think of love, I think of an encompassing, hazy cloud of purple, with flecks of gold. So it worked both ways for me, as we often tend to associate swirling, hazy shapes with magical potions.
One of the other objectives of the project was to target a certain demographic. I chose the whole-food marketgoers and organic lovers, so I wanted to convey a sense of the homemade. This is where the love potion turned into jam
The Designs on the logo were all made with ink pen. I created a brand for my label, a farm called 'Mandrake Field Farms" owned by Witch Hazel Heather Honeysuckle. I'd like to think that this witch's farm produces many potions in deferent forms, such as jams, preserves and jelles-all for organic groceries across the country. So I wanted to labels to be both comforting and elegant. I was inspired by all of the farms near my hometown in Rhode Island.
Mandrake is also a very powerful ingredient in love potions.
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